Banks too strict? The car you can afford is too old to receive vehicle finance? With Earn-a-car, you can own your vehicle in as little as three and a half to six years. Or you’ll get a lump sum in cash when your contract ends.
Forget vehicle finance. There’s a better way
Earn-a-car doesn’t work on your credit status and there’s no vehicle finance involved. If you meet our requirements we’ll get you a car within 24 hours. Guaranteed or we will give you a car, all expenses paid, for a month at our cost!
BLACKLISTED? Need a car but can’t get vehicle finance?

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Our Earn-a-car programme means you drive the car of your choice while earning ownership over a minimum of 3 and a half years and a maximum of six years.
We’ll buy your used vehicle for cash. Call us to set up an appointment NOW!

If you know someone who can’t get vehicle finance, tell them about Earn-a-car. You’ll help them, and we’ll pay you for every signed contract. That’s two ways to feel good.
We’ll give you money for referrals

Vehicle finance not working for you?
Try Earning your car instead!

  • Struggling with the paperwork and rigid bureaucracy of traditional finance providers? new office info
  • Credit problems or blacklisted?
  • Bad credit or over-extended?
Earn your car and drive away debt-free. Instead of taking a loan try our proprietary loyalty scheme where you earn cash for every month you rent a car from us so you can buy the car of your choice instead. Vehicle delivery within 24 hours of signing – GUARANTEED or we will give you wheels for a month, all expenses paid!

Here is how it works

At Earn-a-car you rent the car from us monthly. For every completed month with ourselves we give you a cash bonus when you terminate your rental. That money and your administration fee can be used to purchase a car from ourselves.

Earn-a-car is competitively priced. The price is inclusive of the extra's that give you peace-of-mind.

Included in the monthly rental you get:

  • A comprehensive warranty on the vehicle - worth approximately R200 per month for the duration of your contract with us.
  • A top of the range, matrix vehicle tracking and recovery system – worth R250 per month
  • Accident indemnification for all genuine accidents – approximately R750 per month or 1% of the vehicle value
  •  On our smaller models, the insurance is approximately 12.5%-15% on the value of the car and on larger models it is approximately 10% to 12.5%.
  • Full accident and breakdown call centre support including the first R500 of towing charges
  • At least R300 of cash back loyalty bonus for every completed month you are in good standing with us
  • Assuming our cheapest car on the minimum monthly rental of R2,400.00 based on the above, you are only paying R1,200 for the car per month.

We typically don’t lock you in.  We normally allow you to end your contract with one calendar months’ written notice and the return of the vehicle. We will credit you with your loyalty cash back bonus net of any monies owed to Earn-a-Car.